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Our Coast-to-Coast IP Backbone

The hopone.net (AS 14361) IP backbone, with a truly national reach and global connectivity, spans from New York through District of Columbia, Virginia, Illinois and on to California and Washington state, is entirely Cisco advanced router based, and uses the latest equipment in a fully redundant, fully meshed, network design. Optimal routing of packets is assured through intelligent human and proprietary technology assisted deployment of BGP. We are always actively monitoring the performance of the Internet as a whole, as well as specific routes and backbones, to ensure we always provide the most optimal and performance-optimized outgoing route.

Being of a smaller scale than other comparable business models, and operating our own national network with multi-location peering with many hundreds of major networks/backbones and ISPs, ensures that hopone.net transit quality is higher, as there is less overhead and the routes are more direct (less hops), and thus more efficient and ultimately faster and more reliable. In addition to being fully redundant hardware and circuit wise, the network is also fault tolerant in the sense that it is consistently kept at under 50% utilization, which means that it is able to sustain a doubling in traffic with no performance hit, and likewise is able to easily sustain multiple link and PoP outages with no performance impact whatsoever.

We follow the world’s highest service and quality standards: our IP backbone operations and data centers are SSAE-18 SOC-2 Type II audited and ISO 27001 (Information Security) compliant (certified in 2010, 2015).

Transit & Peer Connections:

Our network consists of a hybrid of top-SLA major tier 1 transit links at various locations, as well as numerous direct peering sessions with major National & International networks, backbones and ISPs. More than half of the traffic exits from us directly to the destination peer network, being completely transit-free, thus ensuring the most direct and best performing route possible. This “best-of-the-best” approach ensures the best QoS possible for packet delivery via the Internet today.

The current tier 1 transit providers are: Level 3, CenturyLink and NTT.

Our peer list includes most of North America’s major access providers (ISP/cable/DSL), as well as many of the largest Asian, European and South American backbones and ISPs. New peering sessions are established on an ongoing regular basis.

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