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Our Hybrid IT Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions provide needed agility by offering physical colocation or dedicated services, coupled with managed and cloud services that are integrated with our network connectivity, as appropriate for each unique customer’s needs, to match each business application or process – plus the capacity to easily switch services to meet your changing business needs. Using datacenter services, including colocation, in the hybrid strategy provides an excellent staging area for learning about, testing, and moving ahead with additional cloud services at a time that’s right for you and your company.

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The Role of Colocation in Hybrid IT Deployments

Leveraging the Scalability and Flexibility of the Cloud

Cloud Managed Services – We’ve Got Your Backup

Public Cloud - Massive Scalability On-Demand

Our public cloud solution is a cloud computing service built on a massively scalable, multi-tenant, secured and isolated infrastructure, providing access to a secure, enterprise-class cloud environment with built-in features ensuring high availability. The public cloud is the ideal enterprise solution for businesses that want high elasticity and flexibility on demand – but at a lower cost and without the outlay of capital expenditures.

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Why Move to the Cloud?

Enterprises of all types are exploring the flexible, frictionless infrastructure that a private, public, or hybrid cloud promises. An enterprise’s decision to “move to the cloud” can drive significant cost savings and a reduced TCO. Customers can choose from private, public, or hybrid cloud platforms to support discrete services or holistic solutions.

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The better your enterprise is able to aim, deploy, and execute its cloud strategy, the faster it will achieve your business objectives. We take a consultative approach to understanding your enterprise and business needs, which allows us to develop a truly customer-focused cloud solution, designed and built especially for your organization.

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Cloud Solutions Made Simple

Our Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform offers on-demand provisioning of high-performing virtual machines with any combination of operating system, storage, and memory. Each customer has a resource pool, which can be sized up and down at any time in real time, and is able to provision any number and any configuration of VMs as they require; that is, even our public cloud gives you the same flexibility and control as can be only had in a private cloud with others.

Content Distribution Network (CDN)

Private Cloud is the Compliant Cloud

Our Content Distribution Network (CDN) service simplifies and optimizes your content delivery to a global clientele/user base. When delivering content and rich media, having the least latency and the highest speed is essential to exceptional user experience. Leverage the best content delivery services in the industry to deliver content in the latest formats – static or dynamic, electronic files, rich multimedia content or large content libraries – to your global audience, quickly and securely.

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Our private cloud solution is a cloud computing service built on fully dedicated (not shared or multi-tenant) infrastructure powered out of our enterprise-grade data centers. The private, custom built implementation of our worldwide-exclusive technology cloud is the ideal solution for enterprises with heavy regulatory requirements in place – that also want to take advantage of the cost savings of a hosted private cloud environment.

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Technology research firm Gartner estimates that 65 percent of SMEs have no comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Another study completed by the University of Texas Center for Research on Information Systems, identified that more than 50 percent of companies that experience catastrophic data loss go out of business within two years. Backup is the service that is often thought about, but rarely acted on. Can you really afford to lose all of your enterprise’s data?

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High Availability Cloud Solutions

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