Content Delivery Network

Serving Your Content Faster to a Global User Base
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Our Content Delivery Network, or CDN as it is commonly referred to, is a large, global distributed system of servers in multiple data centers across the planet, delivering content to users from the closest and best performing location, thus ensuring high availability and improved performance. CDNs serve a broad segment of today’s Internet content, including web objects (text, graphics, and script), downloadable objects (media files, software, and documents), applications (e-commerce and portals), and live or on-demand streaming media.

With our global Content Delivery Network, your CDN-enabled content will be served from the best performing and closest location to each user, automatically selected in real time from the 100s of global CDN PoPs.

World-Wide Content Delivery Network

Enabling Global Reach & Enhancing Your User Experience

  • Different Domains
    Browsers limit the number of concurrent connections (file downloads) to a single domain. Most permit four active connections so the fifth download is blocked until one of the previous files has been fully retrieved. CDN files are hosted on a sub-domain (a different CNAME); in effect, CDN permits the browser to download more files simultaneously.
  • High Capacity Infrastructure
    Our CDN offers high-availability and practically limitless scalability, so that you can handle even the greatest (10s of Gb/s) traffic bursts. It also dramatically improves DDoS handling due to the worldwide-distributed architecture.
  • Distributed Data Centers
    If your web servers are, for example, located in Virginia, users from Asia or Australia will be a few trans-oceanic hops away when they access your files. Our CDN provides 172 Points of Presence (PoP) in 113 cities across 43 countries worldwide, having the content always served from the closest to each user and best performing for each user CDN PoP, thus reducing the average latency many fold.
  • Static & Dynamic
    You can serve both static content (such as image and other media files, downloads, etc.) as well as streaming content, both archived and live, over our advanced CDN. The service can be configured in many different ways, to meet a whole multitude of use scenarios.
  • Usage Analytics
    Our CDN provides detailed usage reports that can supplement your own website analytics and, in some cases, may offer a better measure of video views and file downloads.
  • Boosts Performance and Saves Money
    Our CDN can distribute the load, save bandwidth, boost performance, and reduce your existing costs.

Benefits of Our Global Content Delivery Network

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