Colocation in Hybrid IT IaaS

The Optimal Service Mix for Many Enterprises
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  • Total Solution

Provides end-to-end IT solutions from assessment and planning to delivery and ongoing management and optimization.

  •  Most Effective Solution Set

Realize significant operational and cost improvements through a single, flexible, and versatile hybrid environment powered out of our enterprise-class data centers. Under a single, unified platform combining cloud and colocation, you can leverage our cloud for web front computing power and other resources such as network, firewall, load balancing, and web servers, being able to scale up and down in real time to easily accommodate traffic spikes, while having the sensitive data in a separate, ultra secure colocation environment. Privately direct connect back-end resources, such as databases and other supporting applications, to the cloud.

  • Lifecycle Management

Scalability and expertise at every stage of outsourcing and application lifecycles underscored by flexibility and agility to move IT workloads to the optimal platform throughout their lifecycles.

  • Business Agility

Infuse agility into the IT infrastructure of your enterprise. Whether it is the challenge of controlling costs, managing performance, or scaling and expanding to new markets – we deliver innovative managed services on virtual, dedicated, and colocation platforms to move IT workloads to the optimal platform.

Why Choose Our Hybrid IT IaaS Solutions?

If Hybrid IT is Your Goal, Colocation is a Part of the Equation

In the best of both worlds one should see why colocation is an essential first step in moving core infrastructure toward a hybrid model – which combines a mix of on premise infrastructure, colocation, dedicated & managed hosting, and cloud services. The security and isolation of colocation, combined with the flexibility and on-demand nature of the cloud, allows you to be more responsive to changing business needs and ultimately help drive business performance further, faster.

As CIOs know all too well, the continuously accelerating pace of business change is driving extreme demand for IT infrastructure agility. New competitors continually emerge as the Internet dissolves market barriers, M&A activity reshapes industries, and globalization drives rapid expansion into new territories. Rising customer expectations add pressure to continually enhance the customer experience. And now that IT systems underpin virtually all customers and supply chain interactions, IT solutions must be 100 percent available – always on – even as they meet that demand for extreme agility.

All of this means that IT organizations must deliver new business capabilities faster, even as their budgets are being squeezed. The drive to maximize IT agility in support of new business needs while holding down costs leads many CIOs to re-imagining their core IT infrastructure. They are outsourcing a growing proportion, utilizing an array of different ‘hybrid’ approaches.

Choosing colocation of mission-critical hardware and applications mitigates risk by enabling your enterprise to minimize disruption and maximize control over apps. You can rest assured of your colocation environment uptime when the existing application and its servers are co-located in an enterprise-grade, highly compliant and certified data center with highly reliable infrastructure and uptime commitments backed up by a strong SLA.

The Role of Colocation in Hybrid IT Infrastructure Solutions

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