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Uncompromising Performance & Security
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Uncompromising Performance at a Fraction of the Cost

If you need a secure, cost-efficient cloud solution with rapid scalability to meet changing business demands, our public cloud is the best solution for your enterprise. Some sample uses of public cloud:

  • Any application requiring high performance, security, scalability, and availability
  • CRM, e-mail, collaboration, and other mission-critical applications
  • High availability, high profile and high traffic web sites / content delivery
  • Web hosting environments
  • Production environments
  • Additional servers, storage, and backup architecture
  • Applications testing, development, and quality assurance

Sample Uses of Our Public Cloud Solutions

  • High Availability (HA) infrastructure designed for 100% uptime
  • Rapid scalability to respond to business demands
  • No single point of failure or bottleneck
  • 40 Gb/s, ultra low latency, InfiniBand network technology
  • Highly efficient distributed storage, resulting in superior I/O performance
  • Supports multiple Operating Systems (OS)
  • Robust Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • High performance storage SSD technology
  • Individual node uptime reliability
  • Lower costs

Benefits of Our Public Cloud Solutions

Our public cloud solutions are an IaaS-based cloud computing service built on a massively scalable, multi-tenant infrastructure, providing access to a secure, enterprise-grade cloud environment with numerous built-in features ensuring high availability, performance, and full resource and load isolation. The public cloud is the ideal enterprise solution for businesses that want high elasticity and flexibility on demand – but at a lower cost and without the outlay of capital expenditures.

With our public cloud, IT resources – applications, compute, storage, and networking – are securely delivered as a service, deploying infrastructure capacity on-demand, on a shared multi-tenant platform. We run our public cloud environments without oversubscription to ensure that each and every customer is always guaranteed and delivered all the resources that they are paying for – in stark contrast to the vast majority of other CSPs (Cloud Service Providers), who oversubscribe the public cloud resources, often many fold, thus resulting in a highly variable and unpredictable performance. We leverage cloud platform features that allow us to automatically balance and migrate workloads across multiple physical hosts without disruption, ensuring the best possible performance. Rather than buying costly, cumbersome individual servers, you have access to our state-of-the-art infrastructure, powered from our enterprise-class data centers, for agile, efficient processing, storage, networking, and security.


High Performance, Security & Availability

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