Compliant & Certified Colocation

Next Generation Enterprise-Grade Colocation
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Reliable design with concurrent maintainability provides complete infrastructure redundancy. The data centers are designed to be multiple fault tolerant, thus ensuring that even in case of multiple outages or facility maintenance work, there is no impact on clients.

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Data Center & Cloud Interconnection

Our “green” data centers are constantly being optimized for energy efficiency and receive continuous infrastructure updates and performance optimization, thus ensuring maximum environmental efficiencies & performance.

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Reliable, High Availability Data Centers

World-Class Colocation, Carrier Neutral Data Centers

Colocating your core IT infrastructure in one of our data centers will not only save you substantially by removing the high costs of building, staffing and running your own in-house server rooms, but will also provide you with the peace of mind and compliance that only keeping your equipment colocated in a 24x7x365 staffed, certified, audited and complaint, and fully redundant in every way, facility can bring you. Last but not least, your equipment will be located directly at a major PoP of an Internet coast-to-coast IP backbone, thus providing you with practically limitless highly redundant bandwidth, while remaining carrier neutral and providing numerous additional telco connectivity options.

We provide a full range of enterprise-grade colocation options, from secure cabinets through to cost-effective, high-footprint and highly secure, semi-autonomous “data center within a data center” with increased power density requirements. A number of additional services, such as IP transit (bandwidth), transport, managed services, computer and network hardware provisioning and support, and consulting (e.g. PCI DSS compliance, HIPPA compliance, highly redundant cluster design, network storage systems design and implementation, etc.) are available, all provided by our highly skilled Systems and Network Engineers, which staff all our data centers on-site 24x7x365.

We don’t just promise 100% uptime, we actually deliver it. We are proud to have our service be backed by the industry’s strongest SLA, and – much more importantly – to actually deliver on what we promise.

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Our data centers are meticulously designed to meet the physical security, availability and environmental control compliance you need to maintain the integrity of your data.

We are proud to operate some of the most compliant (fully certified & audited) data centers in the US, meeting not only US but also the world’s toughest International standards. We go beyond just SSAE-18 SOC-2, under which we are of course regularly audited and compliant, and are also ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) audited, compliant (certified in 2010, 2015); our staff are ITIL trained and our operations are ITIL compliant; we of course also meet all the requirements of PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and other such standards. In short, if you need to be hosted in a highly compliant and certified data center, then we’ve got you covered.

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No Ifs or Buts About It; 100% Uptime, Guaranteed & Delivered

Fully Compliant, Certified & Audited Data Centers

The needs of today’s data center customer continue to evolve with innovation in applications as well as changing end-user demand, creating a need for more than just colocation. Our flexible colocation services are designed to address a wide variety of customer needs from standard rack-mounted space and secure cabinets to private suites and electromagnetic interference-free containment solutions. We specialize in helping customers to be successful, no matter the technical challenge being considered. We have nearly two decades of experience in helping power, through all stages of growth, some of the world’s fastest, exponentially growing and most popular web hosts, content providers, financial institutions and traders, and numerous SaaS enterprises.

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Colocation Ranging From Single Cabinet To Private Suites

If you colocate at more than one of our data centers, you can reach your systems at the other data center(s) directly over the IP backbone (the information never travels on the public Internet). If you are colocated at multiple data centers in the same metro area, the connectivity between the metro area data centers is at local area network (under 3ms) latency, thus providing you the benefit of facility redundancy yet with LAN-equivalent latency enabling real-time data replication across the two facilities. Furthermore, private access circuits between our data centers and other major carrier hotels, as well as Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect, are also available.

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Managed Colocation Services

Our experienced team of engineers provides comprehensive support for rapid and reliable deployment & support of your equipment, systems and networking. Provisioning and cross-connect services are processed within guaranteed industry-leading intervals (measured in hours, not days). 24x7x365; whenever you need us, we are there for you.

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Energy-Efficient Data Centers

Colocation Scale, Security & Expertise

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