Benefits of Colocation

Independently Audited, Certified & Compliant
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Colocate Your Equipment in Highly Redundant, Certified, Audited and Complaint Facilities, Staffed 24x7x365 on-site – from Coast to Coast

We have been operating data centers for mission critical colocation deployments for over a decade – since 1999. We operate each SSAE-18 SOC2 Type II audited data center with a full range of power connections and backup, cooling, fire suppression, water leak detection, and multi-layer physical and digital security to protect customer equipment and data. All Information Security Management, Business Continuity and Quality Management Systems are International Standards Organization (ISO) audited, certified and registered under ISO standard 27001:2013 (Information Security Management System). Our colocation service is not only the toughest international standards compliant and certified, but is also backed up by an industry leading SLA, including an uptime guarantee of 100%.

Whether you’re looking for just a rack, a row or a cage of cabinets or a private semi-autonomous data center suite, we can effectively and efficiently meet your colocation needs. Colocating your IT infrastructure in one (or more) of our data centers will save you money by removing the high costs of building, staffing and running your own in-house server rooms, will provide superior connectivity options and practically limitless bandwidth to grow (given numerous telco backbone long-haul PoPs right on site in our facilities, which also serve as carrier hotels), and it’ll give you complete peace of mind knowing that your equipment & data is highly secure and protected in our 24x7x365 staffed and the world’s toughest standards compliant, audited, certified and registered facilities, with multiple layers of security and redundancy built in, all of it always continually monitored, and that our staff are always there for you and have the knowledge and expertise to help with practically any systems administration or network engineering needs that you may have, at any time of the day or night.

Our highly skilled staff, just as our 100% uptime guaranteed facilities, are always available and dedicated to meeting and supporting all of your needs through our top-of-the-line customer management and support systems, along with the multitude of colocation, managed services, and additional products, services and support offered at each location. Each of our data centers also functions as a NOC and support call center, providing 24x7x365 service for our clients – always delivered by systems administrators and network engineers directly on site where your equipment is, with round-the-clock rapid response assistance.

Benefits of Colocating with Us

  • Reduced IT Infrastructure & Management Costs
    Lower costs through a more predictable OpEx model, rather than trying to keep up with escalating capital expenses involved in the building, securing, and maintaining of your own data center as protected power and cooling needs continue to grow.
  • Increased Power Capacity and Redundancy
    Benefit from more robust power-per-square-foot ratios than you get in-house, allowing your enterprise to leverage innovations in virtualization and high-density computing.
  • Maximum Reliability and Uptime
    Your business continuity depends on 100% data center and network reliability, which can be difficult and costly to maintain in a private data center environment due to the lack of economies of scale. Our N+1 or greater redundancy top-tier facilities, along with the coast-to-coast IP backbone and the numerous other carriers on-site, are designed to deliver true 100% facility and network uptime, coupled with low latency and packet-loss-free routing.
  • Robust, Affordable Bandwidth
    As bandwidth requirements increase with more complex applications, Big Data, and cloud computing, colocation becomes a more economical choice when it comes to connectivity, given the multiple telco/carrier PoPs on site, with practically limitless rapid bandwidth growth and redundancy opportunities.
  • Certified, Compliant & Continually Audited
    All of our facilities are continually audited by multiple independent auditors, pursuant to our multiple US and global standard based audits, reporting, certifications & compliance.
  • Ongoing, Thorough Security & Surveillance
    All of our facilities have multiple physical, as well as digital, security standards and measures in place. The interior of all facilities, including all rows of racks/cabinets, and the exterior perimeter, is under continual surveillance, with multi-month preservation of surveillance data in effect.
  • 24x7x365 Onsite Professional Support
    With us, your IT team has the choice of maintaining your own equipment or using our remote hands to supplement maintenance and management of your servers and networking equipment. With around-the-clock access to our IT experts, you have the peace of mind that a local on-site professional will always be available to troubleshoot and assist with your IT infrastructure and any of your systems administration or network engineering needs.
  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
    Colocating IT infrastructure creates additional peace of mind in the event of a natural disaster, power outage, or other unexpected events that impact your primary place of business. Colocation, especially if leveraging our multiple yet inter-connected data centers, can ensure that your servers, equipment, and applications will remain available and operational even in the face of a major calamity.

Full Range of Colocation Services to Meet All Your Needs

Colocation Ranging From Single Cabinet to Private Suites

Complemented by Managed & Remote Hands Services

We offer a full array of colocation options, from a single secure cabinet to a private cage or even a semi-autonomous private suite providing you with your own private data center. We manage the underlying data center infrastructure so you can focus on managing your IT operations. As a full-service colocation provider, we offer the space, power, and connectivity your enterprise requires.

Colocation: We offer a wide range of solutions for the operation of your IT and networking infrastructure, starting with classic 42U cabinets (racks), up to much larger optimized and customized environments for your specific needs.

Power: Each cabinet has a dedicated, protected and conditioned power feed, with redundant source “A & B” circuits available (and recommended). Dedicated power circuits are available at standard configurations of 20, 30 or 60 Amps at either 110 or 208 Volts, both as 1-phase and 3-phase. There are no hidden “KW”, “KVA” or other such fees; our flat and simple power billing is 100% predictable and budget friendly. Custom configurations are available for higher power density footprints.

Installation Support: Our on-site data center technicians can perform the following activities for you: Cabling (power and data cables)…cable connections…cable termination…setup of racks and cabinet systems…receiving and installation of equipment shipped to our data centers…server & network equipment physical installation and connectivity…systems and network administration duties (server and network device installation, configuration & QA)…labeling of cables and connections…tracing cables and plugging connections. Each installation is carried out according to applicable technical standards.

Pre-Scheduled Services: Pre-scheduled services provide you with a technician who will act as your supervised hands to perform physical work, or a systems administrator or network engineer (or a team thereof) who will perform defined advanced tasks (such as configuration, troubleshooting, penetration & security testing, securing, QA, load testing, compliance assessment, etc.).

Rapid Response: We can provide you with a rapid (generally instant) response supervised first-line maintenance support service at any time of the day or night. At your request, a technician on-site will act as your hands and eyes to perform physical work on your equipment, or if needed will collaborate with our systems administrators and/or network engineers to perform more sophisticated work. This on-demand service is offered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, seven days per week.

Direct Cabling: We can provide rapidly-installed facility cross-connects between your equipment and other customer racks or to any telco/carrier on-site or even nearby off-site.

Storage: Temporary secured storage is available for customer equipment, providing a safe location prior to installation within our secured data center perimeter. Permanent secure, air conditioned storage space is also available.

Benefits of Our Remote Hands Services

  • Support Services
    We offer the services of data center technicians as well as highly skilled systems administrators and network engineers, always available right on site at each one of our data centers. By maintaining skilled internal personnel at each one of our data centers, we can provide fast and efficient assistance as necessary, whenever so is needed – no matter the time of day or night.
  • Superior Response Times
    24x7x365 on-site local support, with under five (5) minute response time, is guaranteed.
  • Outstanding Managed Hardware Warranty & Support
    We can provide, and support, a wide range of network and computer hardware, all backed up by our superior warranty service, with under two (2) hours failed hardware parts replacement guaranteed, as all the spare parts and standby equipment are kept on site at each facility.
  • Cross-Connect Speed Advantage
    Our in-house cabling and technical staff provide cross connects quicker than our competitors, with access to connectivity taking an average of only several hours versus multiple days.


Industry-leading 100% Uptime SLA

We Don’t Just Promise 100% Uptime, We Deliver It

We are proud to have our service backed by one of the industry’s strongest Service Level Agreement (SLA). Much more importantly, we actually deliver on what we promise – 100 percent uptime for our data centers and our network, including ultra-low latency and zero-packet loss: guaranteed and delivered (without a single claim on our network 100% uptime SLA since 2002).

One of the main reasons customers utilize our colocation services is to lower risk. From continuous monitored and archived video surveillance of every aisle and mantraps for security, to generators with days supply of fuel on site and UPS battery backup systems for continued operations even in case of a prolonged power outage, our data centers are designed to be secure, reliable, and a solid foundation that clients can build their IT infrastructure upon.

Each calculated component supports the overall aim for highly sustainable infrastructure. Redundancies such as diverse power feeds, high-capacity power load support, multiple uplinks, multiple UPS systems, N+1 AC units, and multiple diesel generators, assure a stable environment and the peace of mind that comes with no single-point-of-failure. Dual or triple entrances by multiple telecommunications providers, with fiber traversing in different directions and to different points, ensure full carrier and fiber path redundancy for the IP backbone.

Energy-Efficient Data Centers

We are Continually Reducing Our Carbon Footprint

Our data centers use less energy than the typical data center. We use the optimal temperature to run each facility the most efficiently, use some of the world’s most efficient AC units, and advocate the use of highly efficient server power supplies. We are focused on reducing our energy use while serving the explosive growth of the Internet. Most data centers use almost as much non-computing or “overhead” energy (mainly cooling and power conversion) as they do to power their servers. We’ve reduced this overhead significantly, and we are continually working to further optimize our facility power efficiency, without making any compromises on the environmental standards, redundancy or service levels. That way, most of the energy we use powers our customer equipment. We take detailed measurements and keep optimizing to continually push toward doing more with less — hosting more servers while using less energy.

Reliable, High Availability Data Centers

Reasons to Colocate Your IT Infrastructure With Us

Our data centers are purposefully built to an N+1 or 2N standard. This means that for every piece of critical infrastructure, we have at least one available online spare. Putting your infrastructure in a professional and purpose-built data center gives you a level of redundancy that is typically unattainable in smaller, lower grade data centers found in office buildings and on customer premises.

When it comes to data centers, the need for redundancy focuses on how much extra or spare power the facility can offer its customers during a power outage. Unexpected power outages are an overwhelming cause for other data center downtime. However, our customers are able to leverage our economies of scale and be assured of their full power load needs always being met. As a result, you receive a superior level of redundancy.

  • Power: Diesel Generators; UPS Battery Backup Systems; Advanced Static Transfer Switches for critical load; Automatic Transfer Switches; Transient Voltage Surge Suppressors; Power Distribution Units
  • Cooling: CRAC (Computer Room Air Conditioners); Humidification Control; Leak Detection
  • Network: Enterprise-class Cisco® Switches and Routers; Multiple Fiber Carriers; Major Coast-to-Coast IP Backbone PoP on site
  • Security: 24x7x365 Staffed Facilities; CCTV Video Surveillance; All Customer Access Escorted; Access Card Controls; Man-Trap Doors


Rapidly Provisioned Interconnection

A Multitude of On-Site Carriers to Choose From

Businesses operate based on connections. They need to connect to the right carriers, have ready access to important resources, and use mission-critical applications every day. Interconnection is the core that enables communication to happen. This connection occurs in a Meet-Me-Room, which allows you to connect directly to the data and resources you need.

At each one of our data centers, in addition to the coast-to-coast IP backbone, a multitude of carriers is present, some even with a major long-haul PoP on-site. Connecting to your carrier(s) of choice has never been easier: local cross-connects to carriers on-site, as well as to carriers off-site yet nearby, can be provisioned quickly and efficiently.

To get technical, interconnecting is made possible through the use of patch panels and cross connects that facilitate communications between equipment, services, and users. Each panel serves as a point from which you can cross connect with other tenants (such as the numerous telcos and carriers colocated at each of our data centers) All it takes is a simple order and we will connect to the tenant, network, or application you need. This forms a physical connection so you can easily and privately, securely exchange data.

In addition, we are an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Direct Connect partner and can provide easy and streamlined direct, private connection to AWS and AWS GovCloud, both on a dedicated/private port/circuit, as well as a shared port/circuit, basis, in both US West and US East AWS and AWS GovCloud regions. Read more on our AWS DirectConnect services.

Benefit from Colocation at World-Class, Highest International Standard Certified, Carrier-Neutral Data Centers

Higher, More Scalable Colocation Options at a Fraction of the Cost

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