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Simplifying Data Storage

Managed storage services with Storage Area Network (SAN) and Network Attached Storage (NAS) are ideal for businesses requiring massively scalable, high-performance storage solutions and which are not yet ready to use the next-generation distributed storage offered on our cloud. Our managed SAN storage or NAS storage solutions deliver scalable, enterprise-level storage management and improved data access for business running applications such as Oracle, MS SQL, Exchange, and ERP.

The storage you need today and what you’ll require months or years from now can be two entirely different things. That’s why we offer a variety of storage solutions. No matter what your application requires, we have a solution that fits your budget, capacity, and performance needs.

Managed storage solutions delivered from within our enterprise-grade data centers can turn your storage strategy into a business advantage.

  • Direct Attached Storage provides flexibility and scalability in one dedicated, single-tenant array. It’s simple, powerful solution, ideal for applications requiring an efficient, moderately scalable, entry-level array to maintain availability.
  • Storage Area Network is highly available and reliable, leveraging fully redundant architecture for business-critical applications. High storage capacity makes SAN a scalable solution that can grow as needed.
  • Network Attached Storage is enterprise-class storage that’s designed to support demanding workloads such as virtualization, file sharing, and rich media. Scales up to an amazing 20PB of capacity.
  • Distributed Network Storage (Public or Private Cloud based), using our worldwide-exclusive InfiniBand 40 Gb/s ultra low latency technology, provides you with tomorrow’s technology today: superior I/O performance to legacy SAN and NAS, no single point of failure and bottleneck, and considerable cost savings through highly efficient distributed architecture.

Benefits of Our Managed Storage

  • Focus on Your Business
    We provide 24x7x365 on-site round-the-clock management of your managed storage devices and allow your IT staff to focus on other parts of technology in your business.
  • Total Solution
    Delivers a true end-to-end solution, from the array, host, and storage fabric, meaning that we manage the entire storage environment, releasing and enabling you to focus on your core competencies.

Our managed storage solutions include managed data replication and data deduplication, pointing duplicate content to original content for gains of 30-70 percent in freed storage space. If massive and rapidly expanding applies to your enterprise, it applies to your data. Manage data storage as an asset, not an afterthought.

Providing End-to-End Management for All Your Needs

Our proactive monitoring service is a comprehensive monitoring solution for your systems, which includes continual monitoring of specified ports and services on your behalf. In the event a service disruption is detected, you and your support team will be notified immediately. In addition, a trouble ticket will be opened, and our technicians and systems administrators will act on it immediately, pursuant to your pre-existing instructions. In addition, both the automated service and our systems administrators will automatically attempt to restart the affected service on your affected servers, and will do the needful to troubleshoot it and find the root cause of the unexpected service interruption.

Benefits of Managed Proactive Monitoring

  • Minimum disruption
    Remote access through our dashboard to your systems means issues are identified and often resolved proactively, unobtrusively and efficiently – often even before you are aware of the issue.
  • Regular checks
    Real-time monitoring of servers and reporting back means we can identify issues before they become problems.
  • Management guidelines
    Regular communication about system health, capacity, and future improvements. Follow-through on your specified actions in case of any detected issues.

Our managed e-mail service frees you from relying on third-party e-mail service. Your e-mail service will in the experienced and secure hands of our top-rated systems administrators, world-class servers and infrastructure, and award-winning customer support.

Managed E-mail service benefits

  • Work Anytime, Anywhere
    Get full access to all of your e-mail folders, contacts, calendars, and files from any browser, on any device, from anywhere, anytime.
  • Keep Up-To-Date
    Any changes made to your e-mail, contacts, calendar and files, via any medium, are kept up to date when accessed via any other means.
  • Stay Connected
    Carry your contacts, calendar, notes, e-mails, and tasks lists on the road with your BlackBerry, iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone, and other popular smart phones.

Managed Load Balancing

Load Balancing Services for Both Hardware and Virtual Appliances

Our load balancing services balance load across multiple servers or VMs, thus providing you with the scalability to grow your site or application well past a level that even the most powerful server or VM can serve. Add next to limitless scalability, boost throughput, and improve response time by handling SSL offloading, caching, and compression at the load balancer hardware level. All of our solutions use industry-leading load-balancing platforms, backed by 24x7x365 support from our fully-trained, certified engineers within our enterprise-grade data centers nationwide

Rapid spikes in online traffic can challenge even the best web sites and applications. Also, today’s content-rich web applications often require more processing power than a single server can provide. SSL-based transactions, high server load, and interface throughput can cause response times to drag and servers to bog down. So while everything may look good on the server side, your network could be slowing to a crawl on the user side – making a mockery of your high-dollar web investment. Load balancing offers an efficient solution to take some of the load off your servers and applications, while intelligently distributing most of the load across multiple servers, making it as easy as the push of a button to add additional capability through adding additional servers or VMs to the load balanced pool.

Cloud load balancers, for example, manage online traffic by distributing workloads across multiple VMs and resources – automatically or on-demand. In addition, cloud VMs can be configured to automatically scale up and down, based on the load requirements. Cloud load balancers maximize your workload performance and help prevent overload to help give your users a seamless experience.

Benefits of Load Balancing Using a Hardware Load Balancers

  • Intelligent Load Balancing, with built-in high-availability as well as sub-second failover for application, database, web, and storage related server farms.
  • Built-in or complimentary security (IDS, firewalls and DDoS protection) significantly improve the security and reduce the chance of cyber-attacks causing a service disruption.
  • Hardware acceleration and SSL offloading enable your servers to do what they do best and serve more content to more users.

Benefits of Load Balancing on Virtual Load Balancers (in Cloud)

  • Virtual IP (VIP) Addressing
    Each load balancer is assigned an IP address that remains static while the load balancer is in use.
  • Supports SSL Termination
    Supports encryption and decryption, and provides HTTP to HTTPS redirect to help secure transactions.
  • Built-in High Availability
    One load balancer is all you need for high availability, due to the built-in HA (high availability) in the cloud platform.

Benefits of Our Managed IT Services

  • Continuous monitoring and management by leveraging our 24x7x365 systems administrator and network engineered staffed data centers
  • Reduced operational costs by eliminating the need for in-house IT infrastructure and support among client-selected outsourced functional areas of business
  • Access to our proven industry expertise, best practice methodologies and specialists across most leading industry technologies
  • Enhanced IT longevity and flexibility through scalable and adaptable methods and services
  • Increased business efficiencies via custom and off-the-shelf solutions that target clients’ specific needs

Our managed services provide professional IT service consulting, server maintenance, infrastructure monitoring and security, backup and disaster recovery, application management, and U.S.-based Tier 1, Tier 2 or Tier 3 24x7x365 live technical support, provided directly by systems administrators and network engineers. We design, install, and manage servers, routers, and switches in single or multi-location environments nationwide.

Our engineers will assist you in designing, supporting, and managing your infrastructure while at the same time lowering your overall IT costs. Our solutions are based on the shared use of a large investment in staff and technology, thus enabling your dollar to stretch a lot further.

  • IT Professional Services & Consulting
    We are known for our comprehensive list of IT consulting capabilities, including strategic planning, migrations, system integrations, IT audit services projects, and IT program management. Our professionals will assess your IT infrastructure, policies, processes, and key IT performance indicators. A good IT strategy is based on a detailed, complete IT assessment. As a managed services provider we understand how to mitigate IT risks while aligning with your budget and goals.
  • Cloud & Hosting Services
    Continuing to support a legacy IT infrastructure is now conceded to be a poor utilization of business resources. Our clients have seen a significant reduction in IT related operational and capital expenses by migrating to public, private or hybrid cloud, or by outsourcing the dedicated hardware provisioning and management to us. Reacquire your focus on business objectives by outsourcing your IT activities, such as colocation and hardware provisioning and support. We provide public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud hosting managed services, in addition to traditional colocation and managed hardware services.
  • Remote Infrastructure Monitoring & Management (RIMM)
    Increase productivity and better leverage your IT staff by letting our professional staff deliver an advanced array of IT management tools. Leverage our investment in monitoring and management tools and myCP® ticketing system to quickly resolve any IT incidents. Our tools and expert staff get quicker results lowering your overall costs of outages and maintenance. Focus on your business operations rather than the day-to-day management of IT infrastructure. After all, you can’t reach your business goals if you can’t reach your data!
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
    Protect against data loss and let us develop a business continuity plan for your organization. We provide backup, Continuous Data Protection (CDP) and data recovery services for almost any configuration and environment.
  • Application Management
    Ensure optimal application performance for each of your application tiers – web, middleware, and databases – through our application management service. We support a wide variety of custom, off-the-shelf and enterprise solutions with SLAs based on your specific criteria. Minimize IT spending and reduce your cost of ownership while at the same time improving reliability and performance.
  • 24x7x365 Professional Support 
    Let us be your single point of contact for all of your information technology related issues. Support calls are answered by technicians, systems administrators and network engineers directly in our data centers, and our first call resolve rate is much higher than the industry average. Our staff understand that every minute of downtime has a business impact, and thus speed and promptness is always of the essence.

Utilize the knowledge and proficiency of our managed services team to realize cost reductions and increase business efficiencies in your enterprise. We pride ourselves in our capacity to maintain long-term client relationships. Our managed services empower enterprises and their processes and performance.

Professional Managed IT Services

In today’s business world speed and agility are key requirements for success. Enterprises face significant challenges in scaling and managing their global technology infrastructure while effectively reducing costs. Access to the best-in-class tool sets, hardware, software, and even niche technology experts are often unobtainable due to constricting budgets.

You should not to operate in a break/fix IT support environment, which is unpredictable and unsustainable. With our Managed Services model, our incentive is to keep our client’s infrastructure up and running with as little disruption as possible.

Eliminate IT Hassles & Loss of Data While Increasing Security

Our managed OS hardening service minimizes your servers’ exposure to current and future threats by configuring the operating system to be optimally secure. Our OS Hardening Service addresses security weaknesses in operating systems by implementing the latest OS patches and updates, deactivating unnecessary programs, and following procedures and policies to reduce malicious attacks and system downtime and to bring the system in line with various common security standards (such as PCI-DSS).

Our patching and updates managed service eliminates the hassles of keeping your servers up-to-date by checking for the latest available OS security patches and deploying them as appropriate to protect your server against exploits, viruses, worms, and trojans.

With patches and updates, our Professional Services Division will log into your servers and apply any available updates on a regular, ongoing basis. If necessary, and only pursuant to your instructions and authorization, we’ll restart your servers to complete the installation process. Let our experienced team of certified engineers help keep your hosting infrastructure as up-to-date as possible, in order to ensure full PCI-DSS and other standard compliance.

Managed OS Hardening, Patches & Updates Benefits

  • Prevent loss of highly sensitive information and downtime of business critical infrastructure due to known or unknown security threats that include zero-day attacks, as well as advanced persistent threats.
  • Reduce costs associated with continuous, ongoing server patching and updating.
  • Protect un-patched systems that have security vulnerabilities, removing time constraints on IT administrators to deploy OS patches.

Managed Vulnerability Scans

Assessing the Security of your Network

Our vulnerability scans use a powerful network security assessment tool for finding potential security risks and flaws, and potential compliance issues, either inherent to the operating system or created from mis-configurations. We value your server and network security, so we offer all our dedicated and managed service customers one complimentary systems-wide scan per month.

Vulnerabilities emerge every day within new networks, web applications, and databases. They may occur due to software defects or misconfiguration of complex and highly inter-dependent systems. Because such vulnerabilities can be exploited by cyber attackers, it is essential to eliminate these exposures to protect your critical IT assets and safeguard sensitive information.

Provided as an on-demand service, our vulnerability scanning provides world-class vulnerability management without the hardware, software, and maintenance requirements of most scanning products. This security tool reports on thousands of updated vulnerabilities by performing a complete scan. After a scan is completed, a report is generated that lists possible vulnerabilities found in your systems. We offer these vulnerability scans as a subscription service, where scans are run on a bi-weekly, or other user configured, basis.

Benefits of Managed Vulnerability Scans

  • Identify the real, exploitable vulnerabilities
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements
  • Provide your systems administration team with regularly vulnerability reports
  • Track remediation workflow easily
  • Access our information security experts 24x7x365
  • Create a total network security and compliance solution by combining with other managed security services

Managed Backup

Fast, Smart, Affordable Managed Server Backup

At HopOne, we’ve got your back — with advanced managed remote backup services powered by R1Soft®. We protect your data with our managed backup services for your Linux or Windows servers using Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology, which means the latest version of your data is always protected. With managed backup by us, you will never fear server crashes or accidental data deletion (human error) again!

Technology research firm Gartner estimates that 65 percent of SMEs have no comprehensive disaster recovery plan in place. Another study completed by the University of Texas Center for Research on Information Systems, identified that more than 50 percent of companies that experience catastrophic data loss go out of business within two years. Backup is the service that is often thought about, but rarely acted on. Can you really afford to lose all of your enterprise’s data?

Our managed backup, powered by R1Soft®, is a unique real-time Continuous Data Protection service that keeps the back-up synced to your live data in real time, as opposed to only backing up at certain pre-configured intervals and thus always having your backups be out-of-date. It protects your hosted data by using replication and synchronization over the network storing point-in-time snapshots on the highly redundant back-up storage. The process ensures that your operating systems, applications, files, databases and other data are backed up in real time and thus always completely up-to-date and easy to restore (via bare-metal disaster recovery), especially in the case of a disaster.

Incremental backups (Continuous Data Protection) are done in real time at the block level instead of the file level. Block level backup provides several advantages including the speed of completing a backup operation, a drastic reduction in disk and network I/O, the ability to perform backups as often as every 15 minutes, and no performance penalty for servers having a large number of files.

Our managed backup services provide comprehensive 24x7x365 monitoring and management of your backup and recovery environment under strict SLAs, allowing you to focus on your core business priorities while retaining ownership of your backup technology. Meet internal and regulatory requirements at manageable costs.

Benefits of Managed Backup by R1Soft®

  • Fast, Disk Safe Replication
    Always up-to-date backups thanks to unique Continuous Data Protection (CDP) technology, combined with online replication for offsite storage
  • Multi-platform
    Windows & Linux, Physical & Virtual
  • Flexible Data Recovery
    From single files, through point-in-time snapshots, and on complete bare-metal restore

Managed Storage

Managed OS Hardening, Patches & Updates

Managed Cisco FWSM Firewalls

Protecting Your Valuable Data Is Our Highest Priority

Protecting your data is always a high priority, but protecting the integrity of your network is also critical in maintaining a secure environment. We recommend our fully redundant, distribution network level managed firewall solution to protect your IT infrastructure against intentional, hostile intrusions. This solution is hardware-based, using the latest Cisco Firewall Services Modules (FWSM) in our distribution B level redundant switches at each data center.

The managed Cisco FWSM, which is integrated in our redundant “distb” Cisco Catalyst 6500 series switches, continuously examines all packets routed between the Internet and your servers, following your pre-defined ruleset. By establishing rules for the FWSM, you can prevent unauthorized access by controlling precisely what traffic is allowable. Best of all, this firewall solution is fully redundant and doesn’t add any additional points of failure (as a dedicated firewall would), so in the unlikely event of a hardware failure, your network remains secure and functioning, as there is no single point in failure – it is an integral part of our fully redundant local network design at each and every data center.

Without exception we take your data security seriously – so seriously that we make it our job to provide you with the expertise, services, and solutions to secure your data based on your requirements And for many of our enterprise clients, managed firewalls are a primary and vital component of security. Fully supported around the clock by our thoroughly qualified engineers, the managed firewall service is completely redundant and handled at the network level.

As always, we’re available 24x7x365 to manage your firewalls. But for those who want more control and visibility over their environment’s security, our firewall manager lets you administer your security via our myCP® customer portal. When you want to make a change in permit rules or view destination server IP addresses and static rules, you can do it yourself by creating a support ticket, and the changes will be promptly reviewed, tested and applied by our network engineers. It’s simple and fast – one more way how our 24x7x365 dedicated on-site support makes our services lead the industry.

Managed Cisco FWSM Firewall Benefits

  • High Performance, Maximum Uptime
    We optimize the performance and security of the managed firewall FWSM service at all times and we monitor the service 24x7x365 as an integral part of our critical network infrastructure; there is no single point of failure and no dedicated, customer specific hardware to monitor and maintain; plus built-in high scalability and low latency, always ready for the future.
  • Cost Effective
    FWSM network level firewalling reduces costs and complexity of management as compared to a dedicated hardware firewall; let our network & security experts keep your firewall configuration up-to-date, pursuant to your instructions and rules.
  • Secure Remote Access
    By integrating our VPN service with our managed firewall you can enjoy secure remote access with no additional administrative overhead.
  • Robust Inspection
    Provided through application layer security.

Managed Proactive Monitoring

Managed E-mail

Managed Network Equipment

Cost-Effective & High Performance

We provide enterprise customers with a cost-effective, fully managed service for network equipment such as switches, routers and firewalls. This is how we ensure you’re using our supported Cisco® enterprise-grade hardware to its full potential, by having compatible and fully integrated customer edge network built to the strictest of performance, uptime and reliability standards – without any compromises.

The advantages of Cisco’s enterprise-level network switching and routing are eye-opening. The cost of keeping the networking expertise in-house is also eye-opening. Our managed network equipment service manages, configures, secures and monitors your Cisco switches, routers and other equipment for you, making you benefit from our years of experience, and save due to our cost-effective sharing of our expertise.

Managed Network Service Benefits

  • Worry-free Networking
    We are responsible for your network performance, integrity and uptime, and we always carry stand-by replacement hardware on-site.
  • SNMP and Advanced Monitoring
    Provides 24×7 comprehensive monitoring of your switch and infrastructure status.
  • Daily Backups of Configuration Files
    On all instances of the fully managed network service.
  • Full Service
    Including installation, configuration, monitoring, management, and upgrades to your network switches, firewalls and routers.

Managed Environments to Meet Your Requirements

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