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Remote Smart Hands

Our remote smart hands service is provided by your data center on-site team, composed of highly-trained data center technicians, server administrators and network engineers. We provide our colocation customers with technical support for the maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring, optimization and installation of their equipment, while our managed, cloud and IaaS customers are completely worry-free, as all of their infrastructure is fully maintained and managed by us.

Remote hands service may include any number of tasks, such as rack-mounting equipment, patch cable installations, equipment upgrades, and de-installation. Our smart hands technicians also help colocation customers configure network equipment such as routers, switches or firewalls, and perform systems administration tasks as well.

Our staff have years of experience providing fast and reliable service to our colocation customers. Whether its reboots, power cycling, cabling, or something more complex like remote management or configuration, our techs are always available to provide assistance.

We also assist our colocation clients with the full process of equipment installation. This involves rack-mounting, structured cabling, labeling, and the turn-up of recently installed equipment. In addition to equipment installation, we can help customers configure and secure their servers.

Our on-site smart hands service provides customers with round-the-clock support to maximize response and resolution time and reduce cost. This saves customers’ time and money from having to send their own staff to our facilities for basic maintenance.

Why send your valuable staff to the data center to perform tasks that can easily be handled by our dedicated on-site technicians? When it’s 2:00 am and you need a server rebooted or a problem diagnosed, you can count on one of our skilled technicians to do it – right away.

Our simple pricing model allows you to utilize our highly-skilled staff on an on-demand or discounted subscription basis, with both scheduled and immediate (under 5 minute) response services available.

Service Levels

On-Site Phone Support 24x7x365

You can reach us at any one of the following public numbers. All numbers function as part of a unified, yet highly redundant and fault tolerant, global, distributed phone system, and will connect you with any department or data center that you need. In addition, our Enterprise customers can contact the private VIP Support lines, in order to be directly connected to the first available senior technician at their data center of choice.

DCA2: 1-703-564-5400
: 1-571-282-6400
SEA2: 1-206-438-5900

Even when contacting us by phone, we first advise you open a ticket through the myCP® customer portal, for our staff to reference in regards to your support issue, and to ensure that everything is meticulously documented. Once you are logged in, click on Support Tickets in the Support category, under Account Management.

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We are Always Here for You

We exist to support you, as we work with you to help you grow and maximize the performance of and benefit from your online infrastructure. We define our success as your – our customer – success. Our professionally trained data center on-site support teams function as an extension of your in-house systems administration and network engineering teams. We want to know everything that is important to your business or enterprise, so we’ve created multiple avenues for you to connect with us.

We help to protect the nation’s most demanding enterprises and organizations through our reliable, accessible, and experienced technical support for mission-critical operations. Our data center staff of engineers, technicians and customer support specialists offer on-site technical and logistical support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year. No part of our support, or any operations or function, is outsourced in any shape or form. Whenever you talk to us, you will be always talking to a technician or engineer directly at the data center where your infrastructure is.

Our support services are available both on a scheduled as well as urgent/immediate basis (24x7x365 immediate response on-site), for basic services such as “remote hands” and through to specialized, expert services such as a whole array of managed services, security management and performance optimization, custom systems and network design, build, installation and maintenance, and more.

No matter the size of your business, you will always get the kind of support that goes far beyond the ordinary. It is truly the Foundation for Internet Success®, and since different businesses have different needs, we offer the kind of support that works best for you, instead of us deciding for you.

Proactive support can be built-in to your service, for integrated planning that prevents downtime, ongoing maintenance, security and monitoring, recurring consultation to manage and continuously optimize your systems performance, and deep knowledge of your unique environment.

  • Experienced, dedicated team responding to your needs 24x7x365
  • Rapid response times to requests for support
  • Expert engineers available to investigate and resolve your issues
  • We are responsible for network and data center power uptime and environmental compliance
  • Fast deployment of standard configurations
  • System management tools assist in managing your configuration and interaction with us

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